Choosing The Right Throttle Valve – Key Decision For Project Success

Bradley   May 1, 2015   Comments Off on Choosing The Right Throttle Valve – Key Decision For Project Success

Hydraulic valves are important components for hydraulic systems. They control either the direction, flow or pressure of the liquid before it reaches the actuator. Throttle valve is a flow control valve. Also known as turn plugs, throttle valves contain grooves. These grooves provide more variability when compared to piston like structures.

The amount of liquid that passes through the throttle is determined by the pressure difference. The flow of liquid is dependent on the load and pressure. This varies the amount of flow. Non adjustable throttle valves protect against pressure surges. Cheap hydraulic valves online can be bought from

In fact throttle valve failure was mentioned as the main reason towards unsuccessful landing of Falcon 9 rocket booster, as per SpaceX engineers. The throttle valve response was much slower than expected. Throttle valves are important parts of rocket science. Understanding the load and pressure is important for choosing the appropriate valve in order to ensure success for any project.

Chinese Made Laminate Wood Floors High In Formaldehyde!

Bradley   April 28, 2015   Comments Off on Chinese Made Laminate Wood Floors High In Formaldehyde!

Like all other things, even wood flooring is made in China and shipped to the US.  You can order it from These are cheap laminate wood flooring. They look as good as any others, but quality wise where do they fit in? Just because they are cheaper than the rest, should we buy them just to save some money?

Actually these floors were taken and tested and a high level of formaldehyde was found in more than half of them. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and can cause nasal and upper throat cancers and also leukaemia.

The US EPA is planning to come up with rules of regulating this chemical nationally.

Formaldehyde is used is instead of glue as it is cheaper to make engineered wood and laminate floors.

The next time you want to buy a particular laminate because it is cheaper, it is better to do your research and see where it comes from and the level of formaldehyde in it.